Everyone is on a spiritual journey. For those who hunger for more need an opportunity to live out their faith journey in the company of others who similar longings. In some cases we also need a "roadmap" to experience more of the fullness of Christ. It is the desire of the Spiritual Development Team to provide learning environments and experiences that engage the heart, mind, and soul in a process of spiritual transformation. We acknowledge that there is great mystery in our spiritual journey to become whole in Christ and that it is also a lifelong process.

And while there is truth in the idea that we all proceed along this path of formation at our own pace and in our own way, there are milestones and benchmarks that seem to be universal. The Spiritual Development Ministry is designed to help Christ-followers discern how to live in the tension of both the "being" and the "doing" of our spiritual formation.

Because we want to help you in this process, there are many opportunities for you to attend a class, go on a retreat, or possibly go to a seminar. For a full listing click Upcoming Events at the right.